The Serrano Show. Interview with Dr Eric Serrano

Dr. Eric Serrano is the acne sought after by elite athletes around the world, helping one of the most difficult problems. He spends most of his time promoting the health of his daily family practice in Pickerington, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Among the thousands of patients, there are elite athletes from around the world who will travel to the ends of the earth to consult with Dr. Serrano.

In addition to countless elite amateurs, the NFL, NHL, and MLB sports a wide range of Eric's elite clientele. His consolidated expertise comes from years of practicing medicine and his career as a record-breaking amplifier. As an athlete and family man, Eric understands the needs of his clients and pushes him to stay on the brink of training, supplements, nutrition, injury recovery and performance enhancement.

Dr. Serrano is a graduate of the University of Kansas and earned a medical degree from the University of Kansas. Currently, he is a professor of family practice medicine at Ohio State University. You can never imagine the extreme demand for Dr. Serrano's services, which is evident by looking at a message board filled with inquiries from elite athletes, strength trainers, and related practice specialists around the world. He is truly a specialist, only the elite come to guidance and information.

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JP: Let's start with protein. How much do they need if they train hard to have strength and size?

Dr. S. That's an easy answer. If you are male, 1 – 1.5 grams per pound. For a maximum of 2 grams it would be one pound if you are training extremely heavy plus doing aerobic exercises. If you are a woman. 0.8 grams is enough for one pound. These suggestions are for people who do not take anabolic steroids, of course.

JP: What about fat reduction?

Dr. S. It is more important to speculate the level of fat and carbohydrates to reduce body fat than total calories. In fact, some people are not consuming enough calories to lose precise fat. The above protein coefficients also apply here.

JP: You always hear about the case of casein and whey, and I know that you have actually separated the proteins for their predominant anabolic or contraceptive properties. Can you explain it in a nutshell? What are the best protein powders on the market?

Dr. S. First of all, I do not believe that serum isolates are the best. Let me explain why. When we simplify things, we tend to destroy other ways along the way. For example, whey eliminates many of the growth-promoting proteins. By taking this step further, processing the serum changes the ratio of alpha-lactalbumin to beta-lactoglobulin so that the latter is at a higher concentration in the final product. Well, guess what, beta-lactoglobulin is the most allergenic protein of them all.

The answer to the case of casein vs. whey depends on the process. There is calcium, potassium and sodium caseinate, but I prefer to use a milk protein isolate that contains all the protein or mycellin casein, which seems to be an excellent source. For whey I prefer a whey concentrate that is cheaper, cleaner and more frank. There is a supplement called ImmunoPro, which is not cheap but has a more favorable alpha-lactalbumin ratio to beta-lactoglobulin and is one of the best products on the market.

To gain weight, you want proteins with both anabolic and contraceptive properties. Antibiotic proteins are rapidly absorbed and prevent muscle breakdown (such as free-form and branched-chain amino acids, which rapidly get into the system, raise insulin, which prevents muscle breakdown), while anabolic proteins (for example, help build muscle).

As far as I'm concerned, the best proteins on the market are Beverly International Ultra Size (which includes beef), Biotest Low-Carb GROW !, Champion Nutrition Met Max, ImmunoPro, as I mentioned, MD + Myosin and more. VPX from Micellean Bioactive Superfood meal powder, which tastes great too.

If you want something else protein, you can snack on soy beans if you like, but in a man's life they should never threaten to isolate soy protein.

JP: Many people are looking for ways to naturally raise testosterone levels. Suggestions:

Dr. S. Believe it or not, there are some studies (about exercise-trained athletes) that show that eating a lot of protein can actually lower testosterone levels, especially when fat and carbohydrate levels are low. There is a direct link between dietary (saturated and monophyletic) fat and testosterone, generally the higher the fat, the higher the T level. Olive oil, cheese, red meat are excellent sources. Many athletes are left with only thin cuts of meat. Particularly these guys are capable of mounting, but have difficulty keeping it (pardon the wall!). Also, a recent study has shown that this tribune is specifically from Bulgaria (not Japan aponia). , China (or India) and fruit (not stem or root) increased LH and testosterone levels.

JP: How can you naturally control malted cortisol levels?

Dr. S. Well, every time you eat you lower your cortisol level – insulin levels lower your cortisol, that's a natural response. So the first method would be to eat small meals often. There are certain supplements that will naturally lower cortisol levels: rhodiola rosea (600 mg), panax ginseng (2 studies now show that it reduces cortisol levels: you need at least 1 gram), PS (400-800 mg). F-fats are also very important, especially monounsaturated fats, but no matter who you are and what you do, the best way to lower cortisol levels is to sleep at least 8 hours a night. There is a book by T.S called Lights Out. sleep, sugar and survival. Wiley & Bent Formby, which shows this. The procedure involves circadian rhythms of the hormones and a schedule of melatonin levels. An incredible amount of research has been done on this topic, but an average of 8 hours of sleep (9 being optimal) is needed every night. Watching TV late at night is key. One study that I remembered involved was putting people in a dark room and lighting a small light bulb on their knees for 20 minutes to see what would happen. The sleeping pattern of things changed, even though they were in a dark room and in just 2 weeks the melatonin levels of all the subjects had completely changed, so you know that the skin has a certain type of light sensitivity. That is why we stay longer in summer because there is more light and in winter it is the opposite. Because there is less light, we feel tired, stressed and stressed and want to sleep earlier. It makes sense.

JP: How would you like to recover your kidneys after a long period of encouraging abuse?

Dr. S. If you have been using stimulants or thermogenic substances for more than 12 weeks, you kill the adrenal glands. It takes about 8 weeks to recover. Renal support (eg standard Drenamin, Metagenics Adrenogen), vitamin C (at least 3 grams daily), DHEA, and fish oil are required for recovery. In fact, adrenal glands are 60% fat; polyunsaturated fats are important here (they will also lower cortisol levels). Again sleep is very important.

JP: Or how do you clean up your liver after a steroid cycle that includes oral speech?

Dr. S. Well, make sure your doctor has some liver tests (ie blood work) to get a baseline. This is one of the few times I agree with the average protein diet. In addition, it is important that you do not smoke, drink (alcohol), take Tylenol, birth control pills or other medications during this time. You need proper nutrition to clear your liver. Eggs are helpful in this situation. Lecithin found in eggs will help. As for supplements, the liver also helps with liver tablets (Beverly International Ultra-40), milk thistle, glutathione and glutamine. Finally, 25-50 grams of vitamin C, taken intravenously, restores the liver. I use this approach in my office sometimes when I have hepatitis A, B or C, and the results are incredible.

JP: Well, let's give the reader an example of how you diagnose things. Take, for example, the thyroid gland. You mentioned that you are checking for TSH, T4, T3, Reverse T3 and triglycerides, as well as asking questions about hair loss, constipation, weakness, palpitations and carbohydrate and caffeine use. What are you looking for and how are you going to correct some of these anomalies? What about thyroid stimulation, what would you suggest?

Dr. S. Yes, the biggest problem I have seen in this area is that some labs are back to normal, and you assume that everything is fine, so you do nothing, you have to listen to the patient. If the thyroid gland is borderline, meaning that TSH is in the range of 2.5 to 3.0, you can use 4-month adrenal supplements. If you don't see results after 4 weeks, I would recommend thyroid medications. Armored thyroid is a natural thyroid gland containing both T3 and T4. If you have someone with hyperthyroidism, putting them on thyroid medication can actually help lower their levels.

JP: You are not a fan of milk, but you are not against other dairy products, such as cottage cheese or even cottage cheese. Why this? Also, what type of cottage cheese do you offer (ie, organic, low or high fat, does it matter) and when?

Dr. S. Let's find out the first part. I'm not a fan of milk, I'm not a fan of pasteurized and homogenized milk. Heating is good in the short term at high temperatures, I think, but filtering the fat through small filters completely changes the composition of the milk. Raw milk is great but hard to get (unless of course you get it straight from the breast). Goat milk is a better option than cow's milk because it has more fat and less carbohydrates, and it tends to be more favorable to people with milk allergies because the protein sources are different. Cottage cheese is one cheese that will actually raise sugar and insulin levels. I would recommend organic, high fat (the highest you can find) cottage cheese.

JP: Explain why you think this whole idea of ​​acidity is flawed.

Dr. S. I suppose you are talking about blood acidity. In this case, the human system is so eager to control the blood pH that any changes affect the body. For this reason, the body will try to fight acidity or even alkalization. I don't really believe in this concept. I agree, though, that some foods will affect blood pH in the short term, but that's not a worry. The most common change in pH is secondary to a lack of oxygen. If this happens and you are very acidic, then you are discouraged.

I have a problem with those who claim that eating too much meat will make you too acidic. Let's go back to the prehistoric times when there was no agriculture, so there was no grain. In fact, we had to hunt. We ate a lot of meat and got our fiber from eating non-grain intestines. In the summer we had plenty of fruit to feed (like cherries, strawberries, etc.), but what happened when winter came? It's over. There is only food left around, so we had to follow this food to the south. Now we are going to stumble upon other sources, such as bananas that will affect nutrient intake. Our bodies, therefore, were never unsatisfactory because we would switch between seasons, which is one of the reasons I believe in a rotation diet. At least I'll go back to my starting point, if you tell me that eating meat is going to make me acidic, than there were a lot of acidic people millions of years ago, and we wouldn't survive.

JP: What are your views on food composition?

Dr. S. The body is ready to digest the food, plain and simple. It has no separate plan for each individual meal. You think your body automatically recognizes that you eat bananas or strawberries. No, it doesn't. It is true that combining certain foods can have a hormonal effect on you. For example, eating carbohydrates with proteins will increase insulin levels and facilitate the transfer of amino acids to the muscle cell, which is useful during postpartum. However, people are mistaken if they think that combining food will help digestion. If you have a healthy digestive system, combining food is unnecessary. If this is not the case then correct it.

JP: Can you clear the whole egg problem? For one, some people do not believe that we digest eggs well and that they are a common allergy. however, others believe that because they are so similar to human tissue, they are easily digested. Then is there a problem with cooking them? On one side of the coin is Dr. Mercola, who thinks that cooking destroys some useful enzymes and nutrients, and that the risk of salmonella poisoning is actually quite rare. Then there is Ber von Berardi, who says that making eggs will increase their absorption. And finally, the whole problem of eggs and cholesterol.

Dr. S. Eggs are one of the most allergenic foods you can eat. Is there a difference between boiling, snacking or eating raw eggs? Yes The more eggs you cook, the greater the free amino acids. Eating raw eggs provides intact proteins that are more allergenic. Cook is a good step, but cut your eggs as much as possible. Mercola is true that cooking will kill some enzymes, but it is a trade where I prefer less allergy to more enzymes. I agree with Berardi that making eggs will increase their absorption.

Cholesterol and eggs are not a problem at all. I can't believe that people are still proposing to make it a reality. Almost all of your hormones are cholesterol-based, except for protein hormones such as insulin and growth hormone. The lower the cholesterol level after age 55, the higher the likelihood of cancer.

JP: You impressed me with my knowledge of kinesiology and diagnostic skills. What are the general weight training injuries that you see in your practice?

Dr. S. The most common weight training injuries I see are the imbalance between the front surface and the back surface. Visit for more information. Hamsters are known for being strong. Also, I notice a lot of people who don't have supporting muscles. For example, it is common to see weak earnings, with strong upper traps, that extend the shoulder strap to the clasp, causing rotator cuffs. In addition, stress-related injuries that affect posture lead to weaker muscles that are more prone to injuries.

JP: As we talk about injuries, tips or supplements that will speed up healing.

Dr. S. There are many supplements that will speed up healing. Studies have shown that digestive enzymes can help with injuries. They act as anti-inflammatory agents and even help to reduce cancer. Another major, though by a separate mechanism, is glucosamine and chondroitin. These are more applicable to the joint (such as collagen); while enzymes (particularly bromelain) will act on the tendons. Ats are also important. Fish oils and GLA have been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory effects. Other supplements include vitamins C (2 grams) and E (800 IU & # 39; s), MSM, reishi mushrooms, cat fistula, oncology, ark, but the dosage used will depend on the injury.

JP: You mentioned some impressive numbers about your own training, and I saw you easily do multiple repetitions of the towel chin. Do you have any power tips you would like to share?

Dr. S. Wow, I never knew you were so impressed with me, JP. First of all, the most common mistake I see is over-stretching. If you are over 35 and have more than 10-12 body parts, you prefer. Եթե ​​շաբաթական երկու անգամ ավելի ոտքեր եք անում (կախված ձեր վիճակից), ապա դուք գերադասում եք: Ուժի փուլում ձեր ոտքերը աշխատեք միայն շաբաթը մեկ անգամ, և ձեր ընդհանուր մարզումները չպետք է գերազանցեն շաբաթական 3 անգամ, մանավանդ, եթե կատարում եք որևէ աէրոբիկա: Միշտ հիշեք ձեր հաճախորդի սթրեսային գործոնները, ինչպիսիք են աշխատանքը, հանգիստը, սնունդը, ընտանիքը և այլն: Ես ունեմ հետազոտություն, որը հստակ ցույց է տալիս, որ շաբաթվա ընթացքում ավելի քան 3 օր մարզվելը բարձրացնում է կորտիզոլի մակարդակը մինչև 4 օր: Սա կարևոր է, քանի որ կորտիզոլի բարձր մակարդակը չի օգնի ձեզ մկաններ կառուցել: Դուք ցանկանում եք ունենալ սուր ոչնչացնող ազդեցություն մկանների վրա, այնուհետև դադարեցնել այն, թույլ տվեք վերականգնել և կառուցել: Այս, այսպես կոչված, ոչնչացումը դադարեցնելու լավագույն միջոցներից մեկը BCAA- ի օգտագործումն է: BCAA- ի կորտիզոլի ցածր մակարդակը: Ես դա ասում եմ տարիներ շարունակ `մշտապես ուտելու համար BCAA- ի նախնական մարզումը:

Մեկ այլ բան ՝ դու միայն այնքան ուժեղ ես, որքան քո ամենաթույլ օղակը: Այսպիսով, միշտ աշխատեք ձեր թույլ մկանների վրա: Դա պարզելու մի միջոց է `սկզբում մարմինը միակողմանի մարզել, տեսնել, թե ինչն է հետ մնում: Երբ իմանաք, ավելի շատ ժամանակ հատկացրեք այդ որոշակի կողմին: Նաև հիշեք, որ ձեր բռնակալը թելադրում է ձեր ուժը. Եթե ձեր բռնակը թույլ է, ապա չեք կարողանա նույնքան նստել: Ամենատարածված թուլությունը, որը ես տեսել եմ, խոզանակներն են, մինչդեռ սոսնձերը դառնում են շատ ուժեղ: Սովորաբար, և ստորին և վերին հետևի կողմերը հակված են թույլ ՝ հանգեցնելով վնասվածքի:

JP: Ես ձեզնից իմացա, որ սահմանափակ քանակությամբ հորթի բարձրացումը հարվածել է գաստրոկնեմիուսի միջին գլխին: Ուրիշ փոքրիկ գաղտնիքներ:

Դոկտոր Ս. Եթե ​​ես ասեմ ձեզ, ապա դրանք այլևս գաղտնիք չեն լինի, բայց ես միևնույնն է ձեզ հետ կկիսվեմ: Մի ընդհանուր վնասվածք, որը ես տեսնում եմ, ներառում է երկգլուխ ծագում (երկար գլուխ) ծայրահեղ խցանումների պատճառով: Մարդկանց մեծ մասը հակված է մարզել իրենց երկգլուխները միայն արմունկների ճկունությամբ, բայց երկգլուխ մկանները գործում են ինչպես արմունկով, այնպես էլ ուսի ֆլեքսորներով: Սովորաբար, երկկողմանի վնասվածքները տեղի են ունենում ուսի շրջանում: Նրանց պատշաճ կերպով պատրաստելու համար դուք պետք է գնաք կայունից դեպի անկայուն, կանխատեսված դեպի կրճատված դիրքը: Թույլ տվեք բացատրել, թե դա ինչ է նշանակում: Ամեն անգամ, երբ ինչ-որ մեկին վերականգնում եք, պետք է սկսեք կայուն դիրքից և աշխատեք այն վնասվածքի վրա գտնվող համատեղ: Այսպիսով, եթե երկգլուխ ծագումը ցավոտ է, դուք կարող եք աշխատել distal ծայրը կայուն դիրքում `կատարելով արմունկային ճկունություն ՝ առանց ուսի ծագումը պայմանավորելու: Այս եղանակով մկանները չեն թուլանում և արագ բուժվում են արյան հոսքի ավելացման պատճառով, չնայած երբեմն անհրաժեշտ է պարզապես հանգստանալ: Նստեք փորված նստարանի վրա և կատարեք թեքության գանգուրը, ինչպես նորմալ է (ընդգրկելով միայն արմունկային ճկունություն): Սա համարվում է կանխորոշված ​​դիրք, որն օգնում է ֆասիաներին բուժել: Շվեյցարական գնդակի վրա թեք գանգուրներ իրականացնելը, ըստ էության, ավելի կայուն միջավայր է ապահովում, քանի որ կարող եք հանգստացնել ձեր եռուզեռները գնդակի վրա: Տեղափոխեք պայմանագրային դիրքի (այսինքն ՝ քարոզչի գանգուր) մի քանի օրից կամ նույնիսկ մեկ շաբաթ անց, երբ այլևս ցավ չկա: Այնուհետև ՝ անցեք ավելի անկայուն դիրքեր:

JP: Կարո՞ղ եք քննարկել ձեր մրգերի հիերարխիան: Մի քիչ առաջ դուք ինձ ֆաքսային աղյուսակ եք ֆիքսել, որը ցույց է տվել ֆրուկտոզայի ավարտական ​​նյութափոխանակային ուղին: Թեև հայտնի է նրանց հակաօքսիդիչ և մանրաթելային պարունակության բարձր պարունակությամբ, ինչու՞ է այդ մրգերի օգտագործումը կարող խանգարել ճարպի կորստին: Եվ կարո՞ղ եք բացատրել, թե ինչու է կարևոր սեզոնում մրգեր ուտելը:

Դոկտոր Ս. Մի սխալիր ինձ, չեմ կարծում, որ պտուղները վատն են: Դա դիետայում ֆրուկտոզայի քանակն է, որից պետք է մեզ անհանգստանան: Ֆրուկտոզան (մասնավորապես բարձր ֆրուկտոզայի եգիպտացորենի օշարակ) օգտագործվող # 1 քաղցրացուցիչն է: Դա շատ մետաբոլիկ, պրո-օքսիդացնող ուղի է, որն օգտագործվում է որպես գլիկոզիլացված ածխաջրեր, քանի որ մարմինը չի սիրում որևէ բան անել դրա հետ – դուք պետք է շատ էներգիա ծախսեք `այն փոխելու համար ճարպի կամ գլյուկոզի / գլիկոգենի: փոխարենը glycosylated սպիտակուցներ: Առողջությամբ, սա ցանկալի չէ: Մրգերը ձեզ կդարձնեն ճարպ ոչ թե այն պատճառով, որ դրանք վատ են ձեզ համար, այլ հիմնականում այն ​​պատճառով, որ մարդիկ ուտում են «հեշտ» մրգեր, այսինքն `խաղող – պարզապես մի փունջ դրեք ձեր բերանում, կամ բանանը` կլպեք և շարունակեք քայլել (և նրանք օրական մոտ 3 կամ 4 անգամ :)) Սովորաբար, մարդիկ, ովքեր պտուղ են ուտում, սպիտակուց չեն ուտում իրենց հետ, ևս մեկ սխալ: Մրգերը (ֆրուկտոզա) հիանալի հետբեռնվածությունն են, քանի որ դրանք դանդաղորեն նյութափոխանակվում են, պարզապես համոզվեք, որ դրա հետ սպիտակուց ավելացնել: Բացի այդ, ես չեմ հավատում հյութեղեններին, քանի որ դրանք պտուղից հանում են pulp / մանրաթելը:

Ինչու՞ է կարևոր սեզոնում մրգեր ուտելը: Քանի որ Աստված ավելի լավ գիտի: Դուք պետք է ուտեք այն մրգերը, որոնք այդ ժամանակ սեզոնային են: Օրինակ, եթե դրսում ցուրտ է, ուտեք խնձոր. մինչդեռ ամռանը ելակը, կեռասը, ձմերուկը և այլն սեզոնային են: Մի կերեք մրգեր, որոնք մատչելի չեն: Ձմռանը բանանը սեզոնային վիճակում չէ, բայց կռահեք, թե որն է այդ ժամանակ ամենաշատ սպառվող պտուղը: That'sիշտ է, բանան:

JP: Կարո՞ղ եք բացահայտել ձեր սննդի նոր բուրգը: Ես լսել եմ, որ դուք քննարկում եք բնօրինակ մոդելի հետ բնորոշ խնդիրները, և չնայած նոր առաջարկվող բուրգը ճիշտ ուղղությամբ քայլ է, այն դեռևս անջատված է: Խնդրում եմ բացատրել:

Դոկտոր Ս. Waterուրը պետք է լինի ներքևի մասում, քանի որ 3 օրվա ընթացքում կարող եք մեռնել առանց ջրի: Ասա ինձ, թե որ սնունդն է ավելի կարևոր, քան դրանից: Հաջորդը սպիտակուցներ կլինեն, ցանկալի է օրգանական: Այնուհետև գալիս են բանջարեղենը, ամեն ինչ, բացի սպիտակ կարտոֆիլից (քաղցր կարտոֆիլը լավ է) և եգիպտացորենը (որն իրականում հացահատիկ է): Հաջորդ մակարդակը միասին է բերում մրգերն ու ընկույզները. Դրանք համարժեք եմ համարում: Պանիրները հետևում են, քանի որ մեծ մասը ֆերմենտացված չեն: Դրանից հետո ածխաջրերը գալիս են. Լավագույն աղբյուրներն են բրինձը և վարսակի ալյուրը: Իմ սննդի բուրգը կներառեր մերժումը, որում ասվում է. «Ածխաջրերը կախված են գործունեությունից»: Եթե ​​դուք թախտի կարտոֆիլ եք, ապա չպետք է սպառում որևէ ածխաջրեր `հացահատիկ և ոչ մի բան, և մրգերը միայն ժամանակ առ ժամանակ: Այնուամենայնիվ, եթե դուք ակտիվ եք, ապա ամեն դեպքում սպառեք այդ ածխաջրերը:

JP: Գիտեմ, որ ձկնային յուղերի և ձիթապտղի յուղի երկրպագու եք: Կարո՞ղ եք քննարկել այս չհագեցած ճարպերի կարևորությունը: Ինչն է դարձնում ձեր նոր Alpha Omega M3- ը ավելի լավը, քան մյուս EFA հավելումների մեծ մասը:

Դոկտոր Ս. Ինչպես ես ավելի վաղ քննարկեցի ձիթապտղի յուղի վերաբերյալ, ավելի բարձր մոնոֆորացված ճարպը բարձրացնում է տեստոստերոնի մակարդակը `միաժամանակ նվազելով կորտիզոլը: Ձկան յուղը կարող է նվազեցնել ճարպային բջիջների չափն ու քանակը: Պատճառը, թե ինչու իմ Alpha Omega M3- ը շուկայում EFA- ի լավագույն հավելանյութերից մեկն է, քանի որ այն միակն է, որն ունի ընդամենը մի փոքր ALA- ն, սակայն պարունակում է ձիթայուղի, ձկան յուղի, CLA- ի և GLA- ի բարձր չափաբաժիններ հատուկ գործակիցներով: Մեկ այլ լավը MD + EFA +- ն է, բայց այն բացակայում է ձիթապտղի յուղով (մոնոֆորացված ճարպ), որը, կարծում եմ, կարևոր է:

JP: Սնդիկի թունավորության մասին այս բոլոր խոսակցություններով, արդյո՞ք նույնիսկ անվտանգ է այս օրերին ձուկ ուտելը:

Դոկտոր Ս. Ես ունեի մի տղա, ով օրական 3 բանկա թունա էր ուտում: Նա բարձրացրեց այն մինչև 5, իսկ նրա սնդիկի մակարդակը նկարահանվեց 5.2-ից մինչև 47.4, դա թունավոր է: Այսպիսով, դուք պետք է զգույշ լինեք որոշ ձկների հետ, հատկապես թունա, շնաձուկ և դելֆին: Սաղմոնը, ծովատառեխը և ծովախեցգետինը լավ չեն:

JP: Դուք հասկացաք, որ այն ֆերմենտը, որը պատասխանատու է ԱԼԱ-ն ակտիվ բաղադրիչներով DHA և EPA տրոհելու համար, պակաս է 35 տարեկանից բարձր: Արդյո՞ք դա նշանակում է, որ այդ տարիքից կտավատի սերմերի յուղ վերցնելը համեմատաբար անարժեք է: Եվ եթե 35-ից ցածր է, ապա որքան կտավատի կտավատի յուղ պետք է վերցնեք:

Դոկտոր Ս. Կտավատի սերմերի յուղը շատ բարձր է `չհագեցած ճարպերով: Այս ճարպերը մարմնի մեջ անկայուն են, քանի որ դրանք հեշտությամբ կարող են օքսիդացվել: Այն ֆերմենտը, որը պատասխանատու է ALA- ն DHA- ի և EPA- ի տրոհման համար տապալելու համար, ցածր է (ոչ պակաս) 35 տարեկանից հետո: Ես պարզեցի միայն հղի կանանց վրա կատարված ուսումնասիրության մեջ, որը վերցնելով այնքան քիչ, որքան 3 թեյի գդալ կտավատի սերմերի յուղը հանեց բոլոր EPA և DHA ՝ կրծքի կաթից: Սակայն, երբ նրանք փոխվեցին ձկան յուղի, EPA- ն և DHA- ն ներկա էին կրծքի կաթում: Դա ձեզ ինչ-որ բան է ասում: Փոխակերպման փոխարժեքը միայն 15% է ՝ ALA- ից EPA / DHA, ուստի ավելի լավ է ձկնամթերք վերցնել: Որո՞նք են ֆերմենտի վրա ազդող բաները. Կոֆեինը (մարդիկ, ովքեր ջերմոգեն նյութեր են ընդունում, այդ ֆերմենտի նույնիսկ ավելի ցածր ակտիվություն ունեն), ինսուլինի բարձր մակարդակը (ավելցուկային ածխաջրերից), ալկոհոլը ամենամեծ գործոնն է, իսկ մագնեզիումի ցածր մակարդակը:

JP: Այս վերջին հարցը պարտադիր է հարցնել: Anyանկացած նոր տաք հավելումներ, որոնք մենք պետք է փնտրենք:

Դոկտոր Ս. Այս պահին ես ուսումնասիրություն եմ անցկացնում Humanavor- ի վերաբերյալ: Ես չափում եմ ինսուլինը, լիպիդային էկրանը (լավ և վատ խոլեստերին), DHEA և կորտիզոլի մակարդակները: Ես կտեղեկացնեմ, թե ինչ է տեղի ունենում: Որոշ լավ, նորերը ներառում են հակածորբոքային, հիպերբրոբաթերային հավելումներ, ինչը նշանակում է, որ փոխարենը պարզապես կենտրոնանալով ջերմային ազդեցության վրա, դուք ունեք մի բան, որը իջեցնում է ձեր կորտիզոլը, որպեսզի ինսուլինը ավելի լավ աշխատի (կամ նվազում է), որը նման է ալֆա-լիպոիկ թթվին: Բացի այդ, մարզումներից առաջ BCAA- ի համադրությունը տաուրինի և արգինինի հետ:

JP: Շնորհակալություն, դոկտոր Serrano, այս ժամանակը հարցազրույց անցկացնելու համար ժամանակ հատկացնելու համար: Ինչպես միշտ, ձեզ հետ խոսելը լուրջ ուսուցման փորձ է: Գիտեմ, որ այս օրերին դուք չափազանց զբաղված եք ավելի քան 8000 հիվանդներով և չեք վերցնում որևէ նոր հաճախորդի: Ինչպե՞ս կարող են այնտեղ ընթերցողները կապվել ձեզ հետ, եթե նրանք հետաքրքրված են խորհրդատվությամբ:

Դոկտոր Ս. Գնացեք

7 things to know about altitude sickness

~ Take my breath away.

You already know AA, AAA, ABC, ADT, etc. If you go to the mountains, you might want to add AMS. It means Acute Mountain Disease or, rather, Disease of Altitude. You say why you develop the disease when I go on a journey of life. Isn't that bad karma? Think of it as a vaccine, similar to a trip to the Amazon jungle. You wouldn't think there without, say, thirty or more shots. So if you go to high places, why not prevent the disease?

~ What is the cause of altitude sickness?

The mountain scenes are really breathtaking. When you reach higher altitudes, the barometric pressure decreases, so each breath you take contains less oxygen molecules, which forces you to breathe more to get the oxygen you need. Of course, this happens when you push yourself to some height, but at low altitudes, usually after resting your breath shortens. Not so high.

As the amount of oxygen in your lungs decreases, blood becomes less and less effective to obtain and transport oxygen, so no matter how much you breathe, you will hardly reach a normal oxygen level. It takes a few days for your brain to understand that you need to breathe more.

Although everyone responds differently, anyone can get AMS, even those who are physically fit, with high altitude experience, young or old, male or female.

The easiest way to prevent altitude sickness

The most common reason for getting AMS is directly related to how fast you climb, so if you are planning to climb high, your best guarantee is to go slow. If that's not possible, at least you know the symptoms and what to do, and you should be able to feel and avoid hard, life-threatening forms more quickly. Drink plenty of fluids, moderate exercise, eat low carbohydrate and low fat foods, and take some grass.

Other important steps to take are avoiding alcohol, sleeping pills, and over-the-counter drug overdose.

~ Medical definitions of height

High altitude.

5000 – 11500 ft

Very high altitude.

11500 – 18000 ft

Extreme height.

18,000 feet above.

~ It indicates that your brain has not yet caught the notion that you are not at sea level





Bloody nose

Fatigue or weakness

Loss of appetite



~ How to reduce the impact of AMS

Become slow and allow yourself to rise to every height.

Drink plenty of liquids – water and juice.

Avoid alcohol.

Reduce caffeine intake.

Reduce salt.

Eat low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets.

GET IT! (But only if it's really bad).

~ What the Doctor says:

According to Lynn Dracos, an acupuncturist and doctor of Oriental studies, Siberian Ginseng is needed for height adjustment. He also recommends eating foods containing iron, including molasses, green leafy vegetables, beetroot and red meat to give it a moisturizing value to the body.

We found that taking antioxidant doses would also help.

Ferronas Laser – Health Preparation Tips for Best Results

Today more and more people are fighting fat and obesity more than ever. Even after regular exercise and a healthy diet, many people struggle to get rid of their metabolism. This can be a very frustrating situation that seems to have no choice but to deal with the painful and expensive cosmetic surgery that requires a lot of preparation, waiting time and proper recovery time.

Zerona lasers are a great solution for anyone who wants to lose stubborn fat in the most common problem areas, such as the abdomen, hips, buttocks, lower back. To avoid the inconvenience and inconvenience of having several different surgical procedures for each problematic area, non-invasive Zerona laser sessions occur instead.

Stay moist

The most important thing to remember about Zerona laser treatment is to stay well hydrated at all times. Because your cells will be stimulated to release stored fat and your body needs to get out of the system, dehydration will hinder this process and may even lead to adverse side effects that will require further treatment than necessary or the results may not be as good. how could they be?

Regardless of the "Ferrona" laser treatment, it is very important to stay hydrated every day for good health and proper functioning of the organs. It is recommended that the average adult consume at least 8 ounces of water daily. However, some may require more if they engage in physical activity or are treated with a Zerona laser.


Supplements are another thing that is highly recommended for patients who are going to undergo a Ferronas laser treatment. The supplements are meant to aid the overall outcome of the procedures by helping the body remove excess fat from the system. Although supplements are not required, they are, of course, recommended by trained clinical staff as a way to help patients get the best results for their bodies.

Supplements that are offered to patients are not intended as a food replacement or as a substitute for missing vitamins in the diet. All patients are given detailed instructions on how to maintain a healthy diet on their own, as well as a healthy workout routine.

Some of the vitamins and nutrients that are offered, and in many cases, are provided to patients, are:

They didn't

Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3, is one of the key compounds in the body that helps break down fat to make it easier to travel through the body and then breaks down the system.

Although some people prefer to take Niacin supplements, there are also some common sources that may be included in your daily diet. Some of the best sources of Niacin are:

– Asparagus
– Avocado
– beef
– Broccoli
– Carrots
– chicken
– Dates
– Eggs
– fish (especially salmon and tuna)
– leafy vegetables
– Grains
– Liver
– Nuts
– brine seeds
– sweet potatoes
– Tomatoes
– Whole grain products

Omega 3:

Omega 3 is an important part of the human body as it has many different benefits. For the treatment of Zerona, Omega 3 is required to help the liver release fats to break them down in the system.

– Eggs
– fish (especially salmon, tuna, cod)
– Flax
– Krill
– Peacocks


GECG is best known as green tea catechins, which are powerful antioxidants and important in helping the lymph nodes break down excess fat in the body.

Before choosing Zerona laser treatment, always ask questions about the procedure and make sure you have a complete assessment to determine that you are a good candidate, as well as the preparations needed for the best results.

Tips for Good Health in 2018:

Worrying about your health and trying to keep your health at its best, are a real concern. With the increasing anxiety of our daily lives and work and the increase in stress, it is difficult for most people to spend time with them to better maintain their health. Here are some simple tricks and tips to make your life better:

Drink water: Drinking enough water is one of the best ways to improve your health. Most people do not drink enough water, and therefore many bodily functions are not performed as they should be. Be careful to drink more water during the summer and keep your water level steady during the winter.

Exercise. Exercise doesn't just mean hitting the gym. It is recommended that fast walking during the day and other gentle exercise techniques keep your body comfortable. Regular exercise offers many benefits: It not only reduces excess body fat but also allows your body to breathe.

Sleeping well. Mixed sleep cycles are one of the major causes of poor health during this generation. While work and other things are important, sleeping at least 7 to 8 hours is an absolute must for your body. Sleeping well enough can cause unnecessary stress on your body and increase the release of leptin, a hormone that stimulates hunger, making you want to eat now and again. In addition, sleeping in a timely and adequate way allows your body to rejuvenate and help your mind work better.

Healthy diet. Our lives have not only disrupted our sleep, but also interfered with our eating habits. Following is the best way to keep you healthy. Switch to greens and berries and try to eat as many fruits as possible. In addition, a balanced diet should be taken to keep your health in the forefront.

Travel travel. Simply controlling what you eat and exercise is not enough. Communicating more and traveling regularly can greatly improve your health. This will allow you to get rid of the stress you are experiencing and allow you to relax. In some cases, it can even release the happy hormones in your body that will keep you and your mind healthy.

Closing words

These are very simple tips to follow. Make sure you accept some this year and give your health the boost you need.

Cuba is one of the five health states in the world

Healthy Countries is not the most popular information topic for the media. Newspapers usually write about viruses, diseases, or epidemics that threaten the whole region at once. American Foreign Policy magazine has published the ratings of five countries and explained its choice.


In general, Japanese people live longer than representatives of other nations. Their average life span is 86 years. The secret of Aponia's health consists of exercise and low cholesterol foods. The abnormal diet includes fish, rice and sea weed, which reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Fitness clubs have come into fashion in Japan aponia. The health of several generations of this nation is maintained and improved by a special state program that provides exercise before and during the workday. This project is funded by the Government.

The largest mobile phone operator in the world already offers Fitness Phone, a daily physical exercise measurement service for advanced technology lovers.

Nowadays, the health of the population is threatened by the "western" foods with its traditionally high fat content. The Japanese are suffering from 7 million diabetes mellitus, which is rapidly spreading across Asia.


France has the lowest rate of heart disease, which is the leading cause of death. Specialists explain this fact by eating slowly and consuming a glass of wine daily. The French cuisine is traditionally rich in fats and carbohydrates, but it is eaten slowly, a little at once, and is washed down with moderate amounts of wine.

It should be noted that in 2002 the World Health Organization declared France the healthiest country in the European Union. Although many French people die of cancer and other serious illnesses, the average life expectancy in France is 75 years for men and 83 years for women, and continues to rise.

Obesity is now declared a major problem, and in France there is a high mortality rate due to cancer and cardiovascular disease. The country's leadership on the low rate of cardiovascular disease is in danger of becoming negative guidance.


Iceland has the lowest infant mortality rate and the best prenatal care in the world. The numbers speak for themselves. 2 children under 5 years of age for each baby. In the US this figure is 7 children.

The Icelandic government pays for a wide range of maternal and child health care services. In addition, it provides 80% of the mother's salary for three months.

However, now Iceland's population is also suffering from obesity. The country consumes enormous amounts of sugar per capita each year, largely due to excessive passion for carbonated drinks.


Sweden can boast a high probability of survival in the case of cancer, as well as almost 100% immunization of children.

Almost 14% of public spending is on health and accounts for 85% of medical care costs. In addition, 9 million people are served in state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Swedes believe that comprehensive social assistance, which provides everything from professional development assistance to street lighting, lowers the population's disease rate.

There is still a queue problem. Swedes have to wait for admission and action. Attempts to transfer small medical facilities to private ownership have made no obvious progress.


Liberty Island can rightly be proud of its low life expectancy and average life expectancy. The level of every six thousand doctors in Cuba is the highest in the world.

According to experts, many doctors cannot guarantee the health of the population, but in Cuba it contributes to the effectiveness of disease prevention measures. Thousands of Cuban doctors travel abroad for study tours annually. With professionalism and public health support in Cuba, results are being achieved, even Europe can be jealous.

On the other hand, the focus on prevention and early diagnosis leads to a shortage of drugs in the country. In addition, the openness of Cuban society and the increasing purchasing power of large sections of the population are expected to stimulate the "import" of European and American diseases related to diet and nutrition.

It should also be noted that France, Austria, Australia, Switzerland and Russia are the most genetically healthy countries according to the Demi March NGO.

Every year, 8 million babies are born with severe genetic defects. It makes up 6% of the total number of newborns. In most developed countries, the number of newborns with severe genetic impact ranges from 397 to 425 per 10,000 children.

Russia's rate is 429 for 10,000 newborns. The United States ranks 20th with 478 percent of its 10,000 children right after Cuba. The enclosure is enclosed by Benin, Saudi Arabia and Sudan (correspondingly for 109 newborns from 779 to 820). The worst figures from the post-Soviet countries were in Tajikistan (752), Kyrgyzstan (735) and Azerbaijan (631).

It should be remembered that not only the environment, the level of medical and genetic counseling, and health in general, are affected by our health. Much depends on each of us – its culture, education, and lifestyle.

How to choose the best tactical backpack

It doesn't matter what type of tactical bag you're looking for to the best of your ability. It can be a trip to your vacation with friends and family or even the longest. There is always little to remember when choosing the best tactical backpack.

Comfort is a key factor in the best tactical bag.

If you've ever had something, you need to know how important it is to be comfortable. When we talk about the backpack, its preparation plays an important role for the convenience of the users. So, before putting your finger on it, we recommend reading reviews that contain a detailed explanation of the quality of its structure. You also need to focus fully on its rare side: the thigh and shoulder belts, the quality of the airbags and areas, such as tiling. Give it a chance to test it unless you try to understand the experience of others already using it.

Everything in the Domain.

You have to pick a Military Backpack with as many booths as we all do. Keep the most used items in your pockets or anywhere you can reach them quickly. You can also attach items with Molle strips. But that doesn't mean there won't be a safe space for valuables. The worst backpacks are the places where you have to fight to get your things done. That means choosing a back where access to your inner compartment is not easy – it's a lot of fat. But you cannot deny its safety.

More booths will help you get organized.

It's easy to understand that the more pockets and pockets you have, the easier it is to distribute and organize things. But in that case there is a risk of forgetting things, and you can suffer when moving things when you are in a hurry. We recommend organizing a practice that should be followed until it becomes your character.

Choose a backpack that can be spent.

Our goal is to get the best tactical backpack. For multi-year use we can have the option of customizing our areas to suit our needs. As a result, it will be a significant benefit. It is a good choice to have extra tape at the bottom. In addition, it is advertised with Molle compatibility and for additional pouches, booths and containers.

Nothing can overcome longevity for long-term use.

High-quality materials or military-grade materials are the key to finding a large piece of handbag, as such items will rarely be of lower construction quality and will help you determine its strong construction quality. Threads play a complicated role. Sometimes it can be loose because of a slant, and we suggest viewing the details of the thread as well as how much the seams have worked out. Mostly loose seams will be the main causes of the injury bag. Select this one if there is double sewing. Ultra-strong nylon material is widely used in the manufacture of heavy duty bags. For high quality zippers, we recommend choosing the YKK grade as they have maintained the industry's highest performance while manufacturers are out of aponia. If you do not want your belts to split, we suggest you look closely at the ribbons, or they should be made of ballistic nylon.

Have fun with extras.

Who doesn't like to have a few extra features? Look for your needs and understand their adjustable zones, or it can be a great addition for you if it is water resistant.

The Best Duck Houses in Beijing

Beijing duck is such a delicious dish that no visitor to Beijing should miss it. But which is the best duck house?

There are five duck houses in Beijing that are almost equally beloved and loved by tourists. In fact, a recent poll in the magazine found that these five names also top the list. They all have different themes.

Historical and unique recipe. Bian Yi Fang Roast Duck Restaurant

Beijing duck price: 80 ¥

Bian Yi Fang was founded in 1855 as a pioneer of ducks in Beijing. However, their Beijing duck recipe differs from most Beijing duck houses. Instead of real fire, they use the heat of the stoves. This method is designed to make both meat and duck meat more environmentally friendly and juicy.

Typical old Beijing feeling. Li Qun Roast Duck Restaurant

Beijing duck price: 80 ¥

Lee Sleep is hidden in the gut, which makes it difficult to find. However, many tourists try to find it. It is best to take a taxi and then rent a rickshaw.

Lee Kuhn has nothing but five stars, but the typical old Beijing feel – red lanterns, open gardens and yards. There is always a full plus long waiting line. More than 90% of their guests are foreigners.

New generation. Duck King's Fried Duck Restaurant

Beijing duck price: 48 ¥

"Ruler of the New Generation of the Early Century Empire". This is the slogan of the duck king. They have been operating six stores since the first one was opened in 1997.

They insist that the old style dish is prepared in a new style. You & # 39; you will find this as a new-generation Beijing duck home. Their Beijing duck is almost out of fat.

Traditional and famous – Quanjude Roast Duck restaurant

Beijing Duck Price: 168 ¥ / 70 ¥ per person

Quanjude now operates under a privilege. Qianmen's store is original. Foreign directors visiting Beijing usually come here.

Founded in 1864, Kwanjude is definitely Beijing's most famous duck. There is somehow an equal sign between Quanjude and Beijing ducks.

Academic: Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant

Beijing duck price: 98

It is located near the Beijing Embassy and is loved by ambassadors. You will always find that the British and Japanese ambassadors are entertaining guests here.

Da Dong & # 39; s owner holds an MBA degree, the only person in such a qualified Beijing food industry. They have a booklet on each table of their table to tell their guests different ways to eat Beijing duck.


Many duck houses in Beijing sell for 38 pounds per duck. They may not be very well known, but they are doing well. Winning it can't be a good deal.

Beijing ducks are fried to order, so they are sold as a whole duck. If the restaurant refuses to sell you half or just a dish, they don't mean it. If they prepare many ducks in advance and wait for orders, then the Beijing duck can no longer be fragile.

Fitness Boozing – Reduce the effect of alcohol on your body

The reality is that alcohol is pure sugar, in fact the simplest sugar there. Although most sugar has to travel through the intestinal tract to absorb it, alcohol can be absorbed through the stomach wall, so you can make a few shots and feel relatively quick.

Although most sugar provides 4 calories per gram, alcohol brings 7, and these are mostly useless calories. They are easily converted into triglycerides and stored as fat. Sugar also affects insulin balance, so you can't release stored fat. The end result over time = beer belly.

Worst of all, after drinking a large amount of alcohol about 90-120 minutes after your blood sugar has been drained, your body sends those tiny chemical signals (neurotransmitters), trying to get you to products that will quickly restore blood sugar. That is why you end up with Denny & # 39; at s or Jack in the Box at 3 in the morning.

Thread # 1, of course, limits alcohol consumption to one day a week (Cheat Day). You can get fat in one day, and if you spend six days a week raising your metabolism, your body will learn to burn. . . . good. . not even a Danny & # 39; meals once in a while. If trick # 1 seems too restrictive, it doesn't mean you can do it. There are a number of steps you can take to prevent the negative effects of alcohol on your body.

First, if you are planning on having a few whole meals that consist of a good amount of protein and some complex carbohydrates (such as chicken breast and potatoes), one hour ahead will allow you to reach those quality nutrients before those empty calories hit the bloodstream. : Because protein has a "heat" (heat-generating or calorie-burning effect), it will slow down your metabolism, which will bring you to drink on an empty stomach and help put your body where it is most likely. burn at least some of those calories as energy. It may also be helpful to swallow two carb blocker pills 30 minutes before drinking. These are carbohydrates that block amylase enzymes, which convert excess sugars into fat, reducing the likelihood that alcohol will be retained as body fat (read: belly). It is also best to eat something that contains sugar together with alcohol, so that the alcohol sugar rush in the blood. Some low-fat Doritos made exclusively from corn and a few wings of chicken can help slow down sugar (if you drink alcohol with alcohol, and of course not excessive).

After all, "back-drinking" food should be preceded by plenty of water, even if you're not thirsty. This will minimize dehydration, which wizards are incomparably deteriorating, and should include sugar-free and low-fat foods. I know that when you have those post-craving cravings, the little voice begs you to get chili cheese, fries and chocolate shakes, but I assure you, if you can handle it yourself, cook white egg whites with toast or grilled whole grains. chicken breast and potatoes, after eating cravings will disappear. Blood sugar will start to stabilize.

My Koi fish is pregnant.

Some fish can become pregnant and are live carriers. Koi does not fall into this category. The woman will lay eggs for Coy. The eggs must be pushed out of the male by him. There are signs to look for to see if your Koi is filled with eggs.

1. The Koi seems to be fat or spoiled.

2. Men chase around a women's pond. It can be quite aggressive as they can throw it to the side of the pond.

3. Coy floats away from the surface, rarely rising.

4. A woman stays away from other fish because she is looking for a place to lay eggs.

5. Female Koi can suck on the sides of plants or ponds to clean eggs.

6. The male's white spots get on his pectoral wings and cover their mills.

7. One month before they start wintering, they start eating at an optimal level.

Most often your male Koi will be 3-5 and the female 3-6 years old will mature so well before they mature. Your Koi will be interested in Spawning in the spring, and most experts say it's usually after the first water change. During bleaching the water will make 65-70 degrees. When males overturn the eggs, the eggs will be released, and then the males will fertilize the eggs. Eggs are very sticky and most sticky. The Koi love to eat eggs as they are released. It is a delicious treat for them.

You need to follow carefully to lengthen the laying process. If you want to save eggs, you'll need to put ropes (even eggplant will work) into the pond for the eggs to join. You should move them to another tank / pond as soon as they are attached. Koi were usually smoked early in the morning. If you suspect it is time, check your pond frequently as the fish may run out of water. If you find them soon, you can bring them back to the pond and they will live. A sure sign that they have already released eggs, bubbles or foam on the water, along with bad odor. Ammonia levels will also rise.

If you pay close attention to your Coy every day, you will recognize the signs. Getting to know your Koi is the key to determining if they are ready to pick. Me & # 39; it has been said that ovulation occurs most often when the full moon is present. The same is true of infants. You decide if that's right. When did your Koi's eggs lay?

Is Keto Diet Right for You?

Are you interested in losing weight? You are tired of diets that support low or no fat and crave your high fat meats. Can you think of a keto diet, a new baby on the block? Among others, endorsed by many celebrities, including Halley Berry, LeBron James Ames and Kim Kardashian, the keto diet has become a subject of much debate among nutritionists and physicians. You wonder if the keto diet is safe and right for you?

What is a ketogenic diet?

You need to be aware that the body uses sugar as glycogen to function. A strictly restricted keto diet in your body forces your body to use fat instead of sugar as it does not get enough sugar. When the body does not get enough sugar for fuel, the liver has to convert the existing fat into ketones, which the body uses as fuel, hence the term ketogenic.

This diet is a high fat diet with a moderate amount of protein. Depending on the content of your carb, the body can reach ketosis in less than a week and remain there. Because fat is used for fuel in the body instead of sugar, weight loss is sharp, without the supposed calorie restriction.

The keto diet is such that you should aim to get 60-75% of your daily calories from fat, 15-30% from protein and just 5-10% from carbohydrates. This usually means that you can only eat 20-50 grams of carbon per day.

What can you eat on this diet?

The diet is a high-fat diet that is a bit like Atkins. However, there is a greater emphasis on fats, usually & # 39; good & # 39; You can have fats on a Keto diet

  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Nut oils
  • Butter:
  • Ge:
  • Grilled beef
  • Chickens
  • Fish
  • Other meat
  • Whole fat cheese
  • Eggs
  • Cream
  • Leafy greens
  • Non-starch vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Seeds:

You can also get a variety of snacks for keto followers. As you can see from this list, the fruits are limited. You can have low sugar fruits in limited quantities (mainly berries), but you will have to give up the fruits you prefer, as they are all sweet and / or starchy.

This diet does not contain any kind of grains, starchy vegetables (and all tubers) like vegetables, no sugar or sweets, no bread and cakes, no beans and lentils, no pasta, no pizza and burgers and very little alcohol. This also means that coffee does not have milk or tea with milk. In essence, there are no milk and ice cream and milk-based desserts.

Most of them have problems as you can get free carbohydrate pasta and pizza, you can have cauliflower rice, and now there are even restaurants serving keto aficionados.

What are the benefits of a keto diet?

If you are wondering if this diet is safe, its proponents and those who have achieved their weight loss goals will definitely agree that it is safe. Among the benefits of a keto diet you can expect:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Reduced or no sugar spots
  3. Appetite control
  4. Controlling effect of confiscation
  5. Blood pressure is normalized in patients with high blood pressure
  6. Reduction of migraines
  7. Patients with type 2 diabetes can reduce their medication
  8. Some Benefits for People With Cancer

Except for the first quartile, there is insufficient evidence to support its efficacy or otherwise for other diseases, as more research is needed in the long run.

There are side effects to this diet.

When you first start a keto diet, you may suffer from what is known as a keto flu. These symptoms can occur in not all people and usually begin a few days after you are on a diet when your body is in ketosis. Some of the side effects are:

  • Nausea
  • Amps and abdominal pain
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea and / or constipation
  • Muscle cramps
  • Dizziness and poor concentration
  • Insomnia
  • Carbohydrates and sugar cravings

They can take up to a week because your body is used to a new diet. When starting a diet you can also suffer from other problems, you may find that urine has increased, so it is important to hydrate yourself well. You may also suffer from keto respiration when your body reaches optimal ketosis, and you can use mouthwash or toothbrushes more often.

Usually side effects are temporary, and when your body adjusts to a new diet, they should disappear.

How Safe is Keto Diet?

Like almost any other diet that restricts foods to specific categories, a keto diet is not without risks. Since you should not eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, beans and lentils and other foods, you can suffer from a lack of essential nutrients. Because the diet is rich in fats, and if you & # 39; re giving up & # 39; bad & # 39; Fats, you can have high cholesterol levels, increasing your risk of heart disease.

In the long run, the keto diet can also cause many nutritional deficiencies, as you cannot eat whole grains, many fruits and vegetables, and miss out on fiber, as well as important vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants. You may suffer from gastrointestinal exhaustion, low bone density (dairy products and other sources of calcium) and kidney and liver problems (diet increases stress on both organs).

A keto diet is safe for you.

If you are ready to give up on your usual diet and really want to lose weight, you might be tempted to try the keto diet. The biggest issue with this diet is poor nutrition due to carbohydrates, so you need to be sure you can live with your food choices. If you just find it hard to follow, you can go for a modified keto diet that offers more carbohydrates.

However, keto diet is definitely effective in losing weight. According to a recent study, many obese patients have lost weight successfully. Any problems they faced were temporary. If you do not have any major health problems other than obesity and you have not been able to lose weight following any regular diet, the keto diet can be a viable option. You have to be absolutely determined to lose weight and be ready for a restricted diet, as mentioned. Even if you have any medical problems, you can take your doctor's advice, nutritionist, and guidance and continue this diet.

Another study that has been done for a longer time has shown that continuing a keto diet is beneficial for weight loss, as well as lowering cholesterol levels by lowering bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol.

A keto diet is safe for you. Most physicians and nutritionists agree that the keto diet is good for weight loss in the short term. As for the long-term perspective, more research is needed. Remember that obesity is not the right choice because it is associated with one's own health risk.