The Fort Fisher Hermitage:

Robert E. Haril, also known as the “goat”, is a character woven in Fort Fisher. Certainly one of Pleasure Island’s most famous people. He has been a documentary, book, subject of “society” and has written numerous articles about his life and times. He lived for 16 years in the old, abandoned World War II bunker […]

Private Aircraft Crushing and Aircraft Cleaning Entrepreneurs Have Good News in 2017

The general aviation industry has long been perceived. Some blame it on the increase in FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations, most of which occurred after 9-11, from potential terrorists to protect airports. Sector: The economic crashes of 2000 and 2008 helped, although the economy was booming in 2003 thanks to Bush's tax cuts and stimulus, […]

The Truth About Losing Weight

Every year thousands of articles are written about how to lose weight, and each offers a different way of thinking about it. The downside, however, is that any of your excess weight is related to the amount of calories you consume and the amount you consume daily. It is just as simple and no one […]

Secure Ways to Transfer Money to Russia

The combination of the word "Russian Mafia" is outdated. Russia is now ruled by oligarchs, who at one time managed to buy oil, gas, and so on cheaply. As you can see, this does not pose a danger to ordinary tourists, it is a matter of policy. And, in general, being in Russia now is […]