The Role of Planet Jupiter in Vedic Astrology Good luck!

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter, also known as the Guru or Lord Brihaspati, is a really good friend in heaven. If placed favorably in the delivery chart, it is a very profitable and very positive planet. He is the manager of both the archer, the dog, and the ninth and twelfth houses. It is a very important planet for a woman as it determines her marriage and relationships with her husband. Its jewel is yellow sapphire, the color is yellow, the metal is gold, the direction is north-east, and the day is Thursday.

Jupiter is a planet of intellect, if this planet dominates your birth chart than you are a very quiet man with high ambitions and you enjoy the purity around you. It makes you a politician, minister, teacher or priest. Have you met a man who loves to travel long distances in search of some answers in his life, he is a Jupiter? Yes, it is a long journey planet and looking for answers. It makes you philosophical. However, the extreme birth of Jupiter can make you materialistic.

Astrologically, it is a planet associated with luck, luck and prosperity. Leisure time, all kinds of sports, hiking in the park are Jupiter's favorite pastimes. Jupiter also means yoga, astrology, honors, science and math.

Physically, it determines liver disease, jaundice, arthritis, swelling, tuberculosis, thighs, blood circulation, and fat. It is so large in fat that it is directly responsible for weight gain and laziness. Diabetes is a disease that is directly linked to this symptom.

It is a slow-moving planet. Jupiter takes about 12 years to move around the zodiac, which means it stays in one sign for a year.

Following the Vedic rituals is recommended to minimize the bad effects or increase the good effects of Jupiter.

  • On Thursday, wear and donate yellow clothing.

  • Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) is worn on the Index finger to get the most out of Jupiter.

  • If you have a budget; distribute sweets, yellow fruits on Thursday, donate Gold, beat bread with gram.

  • Distribute sweets on Thursday and donate gold or copper if the budget allows.

  • Worship Lord Shiva with yellow flowers and offer butter with Shiva Linga every day.

  • However, make sure you don't eat bananas on Thursday.

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