Secure Ways to Transfer Money to Russia

The combination of the word "Russian Mafia" is outdated. Russia is now ruled by oligarchs, who at one time managed to buy oil, gas, and so on cheaply. As you can see, this does not pose a danger to ordinary tourists, it is a matter of policy. And, in general, being in Russia now is no less and no less dangerous than in any European city.

But, as everywhere, tourists need to know some security measures, as they usually have a lot of money with them.

1. Cash.

You need to have enough cash to pay for a taxi, dinner and overnight hotel. Even if necessary

Meet and take you to the hotel where you have already booked a room. Because you can come up with different circumstances and you have to be prepared for it.

Attention: The newer your posts, the better. So choose them carefully before the trip. They should not have any ink or grease stains and small holes. They should not be worn or slightly torn. Such records can only be exchanged at the State Bank at a lower rate.

Foreign currency exchanges are large in number and everywhere. At train stations, airports, and hotels, the rate is always less profitable. If you can pay the driver in foreign currency, do it and exchange money in the city.

2. Credit cards.

It is very convenient to keep money on a plastic card. In this case you avoid the problem of pickpockets. However, you face the problem of securing money at your expense. The risk increases if you check your account online or use cash and enter your primary password. What should you do to save money?

– Before leaving, open a special travel card. Put the money you need for the trip there. This way you will not only save your basic money but also will not exceed your planned budget. :))

– It is better to open a credit card than a debit card. If you make a payment from your card without your knowledge, you will only be able to refund your credit card.

– Keep basic money on an account that has nothing to do with the internet. Check it only after returning to your home country.

– Always contact banking. Write them somewhere and don't rely on the information on your plastic card. If you lose your plastic card, you will lose all bank numbers.

By following these simple rules, you can protect yourself from computer thieves.

3. Sending money.

However, there is another original way to avoid cashboxes, customs and bases at railway stations. Just send money yourself through some Western Union money transfer system. To do this, transfer money on your behalf to the city where you plan to travel. You can make some transfers so that you do not have to spend a lot of money, but get it if needed. If you are planning a trip to several cities, you can make transfers on your behalf to each city. If some money is left unused, you can return it after returning to your home country.

4. Travel travel checks.

This method is widespread worldwide, but few banks in Russia have this service. For example, in Kazan there is only one bank (Ak Bars) that accepts travel inspections. So, not having them fully matched with travel checks, it is better to combine different ways.

Remember in Russia that you MUST NOT pay by checks or by any means other than rubles and plastic cards. You can pay dollars or euros to private individuals (such as a taxi driver) if they agree, but in all official locations this is forbidden.

Follow these simple rules for your trip and enjoy your time in Russia.