Wear your curves with pride – You are a healthy beauty

I start my day by hitting the gym for intense workouts. I am on a strict diet, hoping to shed some weight. I swear I don't because my body doesn't impress me, but because it doesn't impress the public. Every day is a struggle. A neighbor, a relative and sometimes even a friend remind me that I have gained a lot of weight, forcing me to fight with my body.

I enjoy it. Of course not, and I'm sure that anyone who exercises or diet under pressure will not enjoy it.

I've been through a lot, I've heard people say something and look at me, but nothing bothered me right now. I'm glad I am "Fat woman" that I am, and if you are as skilful as me, you must be happy too. Stop blaming others for how you feel. Remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said. He said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." So, sorry for blasting the bubble girls, but not mocking you, you have degraded yourself and given yourself freedom by shaming you.

I understand and agree that it is "A thin and thin body" with "Perfect abs" has become new "Fashion", but that doesn't mean you have to conform to the norms set by society. Let people call you fat, curve, fuller, plus size, fat, shrimp or any other word that suits their taste. Workout is good if you want to, but don't starve yourself, as someone else told you. Give yourself the attitude you love. It's best to mix cheese with some fried pizza, and if you like, chocolate, or if you like it, you can just enjoy a little juice. Remember the life you lead is your own, and no one has the right to judge you based on your size, your clothes, your clothes, and your food. Relax.

As for me, I still have a lot to learn. It took me several years to accept mine "Fat body" and understand that there is no definition of a perfect body. Whether I'm fat or lean people, they will always find their reasons for calling me.

A kind of negative spin around plus size doesn't annoy me. I'm a self-confessed believer, my size doesn't bother me anymore. For people who are more sympathetic to me, I would like to say: "I am not interested: Stop wasting your time here. ”

Believe me when I say that you feel extremely confident and comfortable if you learn to proudly wear your curves. Remember that you are a healthy beautiful woman and no one can take it from you.