Fitness Boozing – Reduce the effect of alcohol on your body

The reality is that alcohol is pure sugar, in fact the simplest sugar there. Although most sugar has to travel through the intestinal tract to absorb it, alcohol can be absorbed through the stomach wall, so you can make a few shots and feel relatively quick.

Although most sugar provides 4 calories per gram, alcohol brings 7, and these are mostly useless calories. They are easily converted into triglycerides and stored as fat. Sugar also affects insulin balance, so you can't release stored fat. The end result over time = beer belly.

Worst of all, after drinking a large amount of alcohol about 90-120 minutes after your blood sugar has been drained, your body sends those tiny chemical signals (neurotransmitters), trying to get you to products that will quickly restore blood sugar. That is why you end up with Denny & # 39; at s or Jack in the Box at 3 in the morning.

Thread # 1, of course, limits alcohol consumption to one day a week (Cheat Day). You can get fat in one day, and if you spend six days a week raising your metabolism, your body will learn to burn. . . . good. . not even a Danny & # 39; meals once in a while. If trick # 1 seems too restrictive, it doesn't mean you can do it. There are a number of steps you can take to prevent the negative effects of alcohol on your body.

First, if you are planning on having a few whole meals that consist of a good amount of protein and some complex carbohydrates (such as chicken breast and potatoes), one hour ahead will allow you to reach those quality nutrients before those empty calories hit the bloodstream. : Because protein has a "heat" (heat-generating or calorie-burning effect), it will slow down your metabolism, which will bring you to drink on an empty stomach and help put your body where it is most likely. burn at least some of those calories as energy. It may also be helpful to swallow two carb blocker pills 30 minutes before drinking. These are carbohydrates that block amylase enzymes, which convert excess sugars into fat, reducing the likelihood that alcohol will be retained as body fat (read: belly). It is also best to eat something that contains sugar together with alcohol, so that the alcohol sugar rush in the blood. Some low-fat Doritos made exclusively from corn and a few wings of chicken can help slow down sugar (if you drink alcohol with alcohol, and of course not excessive).

After all, "back-drinking" food should be preceded by plenty of water, even if you're not thirsty. This will minimize dehydration, which wizards are incomparably deteriorating, and should include sugar-free and low-fat foods. I know that when you have those post-craving cravings, the little voice begs you to get chili cheese, fries and chocolate shakes, but I assure you, if you can handle it yourself, cook white egg whites with toast or grilled whole grains. chicken breast and potatoes, after eating cravings will disappear. Blood sugar will start to stabilize.