Top 3 Cruise Spa Experiences

Oceania Cruise Spa:

Oceanic sailing takes a whole new level of relaxation. Do not imagine listening to the waves when you fully massage the body. know that you are on them literally navigating to your next paradise. Take a stroll through this beautiful 6-star ship and let the highly trained beauties take you to the refuge with a magnificent range of treatments.

Experience a variety of thermal environments that are infamous for relieving muscle and joint pain. Facilities such as fragrant steam rooms and outdoor whirlpools accelerate toxins from the body and provide relaxation. Try the ancient healing tradition of India with Ayurveda massage or lethal phytoporous seaweed with detox. Whether you are traveling west or north, let the ocean tempt you on an 80-minute east-west voyage of Shiite experience.

Apart from the outstanding service provided by the friendly staff, the facilities provided are exceptional. The amazing salon allows the professionals to look beautiful on the outside as the spa club makes you feel inside. Fitness experts on board evaluate, warn, and execute every exercise plan you need to reach your perfect body. So why not come back from your Oceania Cruises vacation, looking and feeling like you've just returned from paradise?

Silversea Cruise Spa:

Whether you are a health conscious traveler or just a self-absorption enthusiast, Silversea Health Plan ensures that they meet your every need. From anti-aging face to tooth whitening and deep tissue massage, Silversea's staff keeps you strong and strangled throughout your journey. Cruiselite Dinner is a menu that accompanies a list of fitness activities and workshops included in the health plan. Tasty foods with low levels of icious arp, calorie, sodium and cholesterol are offered for each meal to support your individual goal.

Appreciate the ocean view as you watch the sunrise as you meditate during a yoga class or many other specialty classes. Like Oceania, Silversea Cruises operates an airport lounge that offers men and women salon and hair styling services that help you look fabulous when you reach your destination.

Regent Seven Seas Cruise Spa:

Including luxury. That & # 39; s true, Regent Seven Seas offers all their amenities included in the price. Take advantage of customized treatments and amenities such as healing, mud and face treatment with award-winning canyon products. The gym and sports facilities are also offered while sailing on the seaside, helping you to enjoy the land beyond your experience. The level of service is exceptionally high, and every staff member is professionally trained to provide you with appropriate suggestions and treatment.

Regent Cruise is a 6 star cruise liner offering FREE 6 star spa services, what better way to get the most out of your trip than to sink your way to your asylum?