Eat meat on Greek fat Thursday or at Tsiknopempti

You just lived in your cozy apartment in Athens after a long plane ride and decided to go around the city. It's Thursday evening in February and the streets are crowded. Everyone seems to be having fun, and some are wearing sophisticated dresses. You take a burning scent and wonder what that might be. Nervously, you ask the passer-by about that smoky atmosphere. He is fascinating and informs you that this is not your opinion. In Greece, it's a fatty Thursday or or iconic meal, and everyone is roasting meat tonight.

Ik iconopeptin is celebrated by the Greeks in every part of the country. It takes place ten days before fasting. This holiday is closely linked to the religious traditions of the country and is associated with carnival celebrations. It marks the beginning of the meat-eating weekends, which precedes the forty-day fasting week before Easter. when the meat is eaten again. Every home, town and dish eats grilled meat, and the appetite is great. Beware of vegetarians, as the smell can overwhelm you.

If you are not invited to someone's home, there is no need to worry about where you will eat. Every restaurant or pub is prepared in advance this night. As you walk, you will see that the meat is fried and cooked on a hot grill. The meat was ordered and prepared to meet the crowds. The lamb chops, the most popular dish, are sliced ​​on the spot, seasoned to perfection and tiled on the grill. People order this dish in kilograms so guests will hit the ground as large plates move to the tables by your cheerful hosts. Homemade ready-made fried sauces, some tzatziki and a salad are all you need to finish the holiday. Of course, don't forget the wine, the home wine that comes in the pitchers. With such a holiday you will definitely order yourself a regular pitcher.

As you raise your cup again and prepare your toasts, don't be surprised if the owner joins your party for a cup. The owners of Greek taverns can be very welcoming and enjoy how their delicacies disappear from the plates. Some & # 39; pareas & # 39; or partying with friends can sing or even dance as local musicians entertain guests. As it is also in the Carnival period, you can join in a party of masked friends who & # 39;

Of course, if you're still feeling it, follow & nbsp; & # 39; pareas & # 39; on the street and see where the party is. As you stroll downtown, you can take your own mask and join in the fun. You may want to buy a water gun or a plastic club yourself. people are scattered and dispersed during these celebrations. Whatever you do when it is time to turn it into a rented studio or apartment, if you are very helpful, just jump into the many available huts and travel safely home.

Last reminder: When you wake up the next day you will notice some remnants of the night. Except for a small pendant, your dress will definitely smell persecuted. So have fun washing. OPA!