Healthy snack – with almond raisins

Here’s a really easy way to make a travel snack that you can literally take with you anywhere. Still, the best doesn’t need a fridge, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it in the fridge or in a frozen ice cream pack, like you need to make yogurt or cottage cheese.
trivago flights and hotels Instead, you can simply put this great blend in a sandwich bag, seal it, roll it and throw it into your jacket pocket if needed. Since you are able to divide up an adequate amount of almonds and raisins, you will not have to worry about the amount of calories you eat. About 150 calories, all you get when you pack a little handful of almonds and raisins.
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To save money, you can buy large quantities of raw almonds along with a large box of raisins. Then, when you are ready to go with your little snack bag, just go and grab small blocks from each block to go.
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If you are not a fan of raisins but still want to enjoy the health benefits of almonds, you can mix almonds with raisins in a mozzarella string that will offer the same amount of calories as raisins. Try both to see what you think.
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Almond Health Benefits Study

Research has shown that the nutrients found in these nuts can help lower cholesterol, regulate circulation, and even help strengthen the arterial lining of the heart. Having a healthy cardiovascular system starts with a healthy heart, so one of the best perceptions you get from the skin of these nuts is vitamin E and flavonoids.
In fact, many of the health benefits of almonds are linked to the brain, nervous system and blood circulation. Studies have shown that people stabilize their moods and even get better brain functions when regularly using this treatment. In a recent study, Alzheimer’s disease was largely prevented by riboflavin and L-carnitine found in almonds.
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For those looking to lose weight and stabilize metabolism, look for this option again. Like many supplements to lose weight, almonds can help suppress appetite and keep energy levels high by sourcing fat cells. This means that you will burn more fat, even if you do not do hard exercises.
If you no longer enjoy them, you will save time to bring them into your overall diet. They can be eaten by themselves, mixed with raisins, or even eaten with mozzarella string cheese.
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Each of these snacks is only 150 calories, so when you are following a bottle of water, you have a great nutritional snack, as well as all the health benefits of the almonds listed above. Throwing in a little exercise can help you maintain a good, long life without the many diseases of the cardiovascular system.


The Fort Fisher Hermitage:

Robert E. Haril, also known as the “goat”, is a character woven in Fort Fisher. Certainly one of Pleasure Island’s most famous people. He has been a documentary, book, subject of “society” and has written numerous articles about his life and times. He lived for 16 years in the old, abandoned World War II bunker outside the country.
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Harley turned to Fort Fisher, off the North Carolina coast, seeking mountains of peace and sanctuary from a violent and frustrating life. In the early 1960s, he finally decided to leave society and get closer to nature. Her life was sad, sweet, inspiring and bold; His death surrounded by mystery adds only another layer to his story. He was greedy, teaching his version of the “school of common sense” until the late 1960s. it was considered the second largest tourist attraction in North Carolina after Battleship USS North Carolina.
I followed ‘it & # 39; to the bunker he used to call home. Like everyone else, I find myself inspired by a man who lived in the middle of a salt marsh, right next to the ocean, so independent for so long. He lived “from the fat of the earth.” Here, on the shore of the sea, he planted oysters, fish and a garden. He gave courage to the storms, the humidity and warmth of Carolina summer, he fought for the right to stay in his “home” against the developers and other authorities who considered him unhealthy. Most of his friends were pets, wandering cats, dogs and wild rascals. Although, I can’t imagine that he was alone for human company. He is said to have kept a guest book containing no less than 100,000 entries in his death. These passers-by invested in him by throwing money into his pan or distributing food. She has also received donations for photo shoots.
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He was cited in 1968 in the New Hanover Sun for his popularity,

“Everyone must be hermit for a few minutes to an hour, or every 24 hours, to learn, ponder and communicate with their creator … millions of people want to do exactly what I do, and I & # 39; much easier to think than done, they subconsciously choose me to be present to them, that’s why & # 39; I’m successful … ”

I can imagine he didn’t miss much and drink. There is a site on his site that was about 16 years old when he was used in the city for groceries. The man remembers having 30 bags of food in his trunk.

The letters and stories, along with the books he has collected, indicate that he has lived a difficult life. She grew up in a violent family through depression as a child. His marriage ended in divorce, and his eldest son committed suicide. I can relate to her desire to escape a simpler life. To continue his story, however, his youngest son, Edward, founded the heretics & # 39; Society: Herm’s inspirations, inspirations, “teachings” and thoughts are captured in the photo and film
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His death on June 3, 1972, was marked as a heart attack. The tenant was found by a group of teenagers early in the morning. His body was in the position of a scattered eagle, on a pile of rubbish. It’s hard to say how sad it is for me.

You can still visit his bunker and walk the Fort Fisher / South End Beach Access trail. The trail starts from the visitor center. The trail is approximately 1 mile to the bunker. You can continue to the observatory deck just above, if on an island where you can watch heroes, ibis, goats and other amazing seaside colonial birds. Ordinary scene for our friend, hermit.

Knowing all this about Robert Haril, I felt compelled to follow it and find his grave. It is located on Dow Point Road in Federal Point Methodist Cemetery. It is a peaceful place by the River, in the shady, historic area of ​​the grounds. The cemetery itself is covered with membranes, which are left as a memory, in fact I left myself when I knelt down to read the construction. It says: “He made people think.” I’m not the only one, his visitors are still looking for him. Recently, a DVD of the Fort Fisher Hermit movie was also left at Robert & Cemetery. Lulu.com is selling its Battle Story for Independence. Life and Times of Fort Fisher Heritage. ”



Bitcoin, the leading marketable cryptographic asset, has been a confusing year so far. The year that began with the crypto-currencies began in the extreme, but later exploded 350% to 14,000 dollars, before falling by nearly 50% to 7,300 dollars.

The third largest 24-hour gain in cryptographic assets returned to its 200 and 50-day moving average, but dropped more than $ 10,000 and will again plummet. The drop in the number of bitcoins has returned to 50DMA, where the asset is rebuilding it – which is something very dangerous according to encryption analysts.

Bitcoin price: Bull or Bear Market will be decided soon
Bitcoin is at a critical juncture and will either recover from a strong recovery before reaching its maximum trajectory or move towards the bear market. The following days determine the evolution of the following months as the asset approaches its decline.


Related reading | Bitcoin price: the return of an average to a significant support can lead to a high value substitution

Price action It is difficult to calculate which side of the market is discounted – bullish or bearish. The collapse of a massive symmetrical triangle of several months has divided the market in a vacuum, but motivated by the strong news of Chinese President Xi Jinping that did not support blockchain technology, caused a surge in asset prices that led to a short epic break and set a record for the third largest asset gain.

The explosive move pushed bitcoin over its 200-day moving average as well as its 50-day moving average – two moving averages that outpaced deaths.

But this powerful summit may be a powerful attempt by previous supporters, and Bitcoin is again falling, yielding below 200 DMAs and now facing “dangerous” 50 DMA cuts.

Private Aircraft Crushing and Aircraft Cleaning Entrepreneurs Have Good News in 2017

The general aviation industry has long been perceived. Some blame it on the increase in FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations, most of which occurred after 9-11, from potential terrorists to protect airports. Sector: The economic crashes of 2000 and 2008 helped, although the economy was booming in 2003 thanks to Bush's tax cuts and stimulus, it hit the wall again, and the crisis of 2008 really went well.

The NAS sector has recovered slightly since then, but is not returning to its 2003 highs. When Obama was elected, he ran against Corporate Jets and Corporate Fat Cats, which damaged aircraft sales and the sale of new aircraft. Remember when the congress went after Car Manufacturers to fly their corporate planes to Washington DC to ask for help? The public's attitude towards the National Academy of Sciences was at a low level.

All this damaged aircraft cleaning equipment and aircraft parts. It was hard to make money, but things seem to be changing and the number of GA planes is increasing. This new Trump administration is anti-air, unlike the Obama administration. Corporate tax cuts will also help sell GA and aircraft. It looks like a clear sky for the general aviation services business.

There was a great article at AIN entitled Aircraft International News – December Edition; "The UBS Bizjet Index sees a post-election roll," Chad Trautvetter posted on December 12, 2016, which stated the following: In the US, the new Trump administration is widely seen as positive, with 61 percent of respondents expecting the end of the US presidential election to be positive for the business jet market, while 11 percent don't see it as positive. and 28 percent – uncertain.

In fact, the article notes that last year saw a 44-49% increase in private aircraft. Many of these planes will be delivered by 2018, and the retrograde will increase sales of used aircraft and current new inventory. More planes, of course, mean more planes to clean, and more new planes also mean more corporate data for customers. Meanwhile, with the fractured aircraft market, we are seeing an increase in aircraft taxi services, as well as Uber-style airfare plans that can be bought by smaller companies. All this means that the field of GA is ready to go out again and this is beneficial for business.

Glasgow shopping, the top 10 stores for street clothes

You don't realize how good shopping in Glasgow is, until you spend a day touring its streets, if you have gone anywhere from London, you will love what Glasgow has to offer, more shops than any place and cargo. good street clothing stores, good 3 but still good.

I've decided to list my first 11 stores, the ones I go shopping for, list my competition, I hear you say yes, I say more people who know Glasgow, the No1 shopping place , so well:

1. TK Maxx at Sauchiehall St (top end) is where you'll find deals if your lucky, if you & # 39; t find any interest, I got a great pair of Brown Leather Air Maxs for 25 18 £. months ago, only now, but the most comfortable shoes ever started to crumble. It was also a great time for my & nbsp; & # 39; lil i'm very cheap.

Next up on Bath Street is the urban legend of Fat Buddha, Vinyl Toys, Graffiti Supplies, Lifestyle and clothing by brands such as Carhartt, The Hundreds, Kikstyo, Recon, Penfield, Zoo York, Volcom, Nike, Dc & # 39; , Reebok. In the independent console of my family, the best store in Glasgow has voted, but it's worth a visit just to see the dog shop Maisie.

3. Goodlife is Fat Buddha's way and most expensive, but it's Glasgow & amp; # 39; s the only High-Street Streetwear Boutique to eventually sell Original Fake & Alife, a good mix of brands in such a small but store. has its following by going away for its brand mix.

I'm not sure the exact story, but it looks like Goodlife has closed its doors.

4 In Buchanan Street you will find this corporate whore, Urban Outfitters, great deals on sale here, a real mix of brands here, and some of the home stuff shouldn't be ruined, it's worth a visit.

If you are an American or have visited one of these American stores, you will be amazed at how poor the British version is compared to American, mix of different brands, terrible staff and no atmosphere.

5. More on Buchanan Street you will find Hugo Boss, I love this shop, for years I still love to visit it, great layout and good products, great suits and boys that fit right in. Glasgow & # 39; s first real designer name is Buchanan St, visit:

I got a lot of satellite managers here, but it wasn't my favorite store yet.

6. Just round the corner, you'll find Aspecto, this lads shop just Stussy's place, and it'll be good for Adidas, Carhartt, North Face and Camper, Y3, Evisu and more. for: Great store, it looked great then, so worth a visit.

7. You want trainers where to go than Size on Union Street, a great clothing store, the best shoe store in Glasgow, and if the shoes are rare, the staff first screams at them. This is a shoe place, 2 Chris & # 39; s is always smiling for you.

8. Always for cigarette stores, and the House of Frasers is always hitting the ground, the deep rocks of cooking, Men's clothing now moved to the first floor and spending a ton of money on it, now it's the best men's clothing area Glasgow a mile away, the Paul Smith section is very beautiful, and again the Paul Smith section is beautiful, wonderful wallets, and is now saving for the scarf. Frasers is worth one hour of your time or such as Argyle St.

9. Downhill, right on Argilyan Street, where your Jordan craving will be met, a good selection of nickels, esp Air Stabs, a good assortment of clothes, and a separate woman, and make it your destination. Footlocker is always a must for sneakers.

10. Focuses are on Argyle St and Glasgows' sole Nike SB stock, other brands are Diamond, Supra, Krew, Cliche. Skateboards Focus & # 39; s forte, and they serve the Glasgow market well, now they have a good reputation and visit it just for the obedient cover. Good staff and friendly ambiance make this a worthy addition to my list.

11. Finally, you'll be able to turn the corner from Focus and find Cruise on Ingram St, a legend in Glasgow and still doing what it does best by feeding the masses, CP Company, Stone Island, Y3 on BBC. visit essential. Lovely Shopfit, too, find Paul Smith's wallet there.

So it ends up shopping in Glasgow, the top 11 stores, there are hundreds more on that list, you have St Enoch Shopping Ctr, Buchanan Galleries Shopping Ctr, stretch farther, and you & # 39; Silverburn Shopping Ctr.

The more you leave Glasgow, the more you appreciate it, so come eat, shop and have fun.

Updated April 2010

How to bring cheap adventures to your Mexico vacation?

Cheap Mexico Adventure Vacations

Mexico can only be enjoyed if you have such an accurate adventure to explore as a true adventure, not just a luxury traveler whose only comfort lies in the spa center. You can only have fun in Mexico if you try to enjoy Mexico's Copper Valley adventure, which offers hiking trips in the wild, as well as amazing and heavenly exits to Mexico and its surroundings. You should try to imagine yourself in the valleys of Mexico, which are so vast and beautiful that the Grand Canyon of North America seems a little in exchange for it. You can enjoy a Copper Canyon Adventure Style vacation in Mexico for 9 days at a reasonable price of $ 2398, which includes accommodation, camping, food, security, guides, photography, internet and other essential utilities without being cut off from the world. January, February, March, April, September, October, November and December are the special months when this camp expedition begins for those who want to enjoy Mexico outdoors. Hurry up to another successful opportunity to live in Mexico in a truly adventurous way.

Nightclubs to enjoy in Mexico

Mexican clubs are of many types and prices. You can easily find one of your choice at a convenient and affordable price by reading this comprehensive and useful guide to cheap nightclubs in Mexico. The famous Senor Frog Night Club in the college crowd is a crazy, fun, and fun night club in Mexico that offers a great bar and fun entertainment program. You can find amazing people, hot shots and amazing music at Cancun's great Coco Bongo nightclub, which offers a lot of fun for everyone in Mexico. Fat Tuesday is a fun disco club that plays your music all night long; just tell the DJ to play on your wishlist and take your partner out for a night of some crazy dance. Daddy Rocks, Carlos & # 39; n & # 39; Charlies and Barco Pirates Night are just some of Mexico's many, many nightclubs that provide amazing fun for travelers enjoying their vacation.

The best student hotels

We know and understand that students have a certain budget to stay when they decide to take a vacation in another country or region. Students are free to choose from a huge list of nightclubs, hotels, bars and other travel in Mexico by simply completing a comprehensive student-city travel program. Located in Cancun, Mexico, the Oasis Hotel is designed for student only, with 2 amusement bars, surrounded by tropical gardens, recreation areas and solariums. In Acapulco, Macedonia, Copacabana realizes its potential; It has 392 rooms in its 18-storey building, has three restaurants, four bars, a jacuzzi, a round-the-clock coffee shop, room service and other amenities for student guests welcomed from around the world. Ironshore Villa is a student-run house in Mexico that provides a private pool, mini van driver, bar and kitchen to make your vacation a home for you. This is easily accessible by simply checking their home page.

Budget fun in the sun

If the idea of ​​an outdoor vacation appeals to you, then visiting Mexico for your next vacation is probably a great idea. It is barely raining in Mexico, with temperatures averaging about 27 degrees. This allows people to enjoy the most entertaining doors on pearly white beaches that are welcoming and attractive. Many outdoor activities such as golf, tennis, swimming, surfing and snorkeling can be selected. Resorts in Cancun, Mexico are extremely well maintained, luxurious and affordable. Preferred tourist resorts have the added luxury of golf courses, tennis courts and day care. Sea fishing in Cancun, Mexico, is also a widespread activity. At night the environment is extremely energetic and charged. Shopping can range from very expensive to extremely inexpensive. The number of fun things that can be done at cheap rates in Mexico is that people never feel the need to go elsewhere.

The Truth About Losing Weight

Every year thousands of articles are written about how to lose weight, and each offers a different way of thinking about it. The downside, however, is that any of your excess weight is related to the amount of calories you consume and the amount you consume daily. It is just as simple and no one can prove otherwise. It's like the gas in your car. You invest a lot and still travel. If you eat a certain amount of food in your body, it will keep you going for a while. If you eat more than you consume, excess calories are stored as fat.

Let's discuss your calories in detail and use them daily. As it turns out, there are three main types of calorie burn. The first is called basal metabolic rate, or BMR. It is the largest of the three and is your relaxing metabolism. In other words, it's the amount of calories you burn when you're just sitting around. It is used to burn your cells, beat your heart, work your lungs, work your brain, and more. 60-80 percent of the total calories you burn each day are BMR calories.

The second major calorie burn comes from the thermal impact of eating. It may seem a little strange, but you need calories to burn your calories, that is, to digest your food. Protein requires about 25 calories for every 100 calories consumed, and carbohydrates and fats require about 10 to 15 calories for every 100 calories consumed. And it can add a significant amount of calories. It accounts for 10 to 30 percent of your total calories burned each day.

Finally we came up with something that can surprise you, in particular exercise and general body movement. Most people think exercise makes a great contribution, but it doesn't. This does not mean that it does not matter; You can easily burn 500 calories from intense exercise, but for most people exercise and bodybuilding make up 10-10% of their calories burned in just one day.

Now let's apply the above for a typical woman and man. First of all we need BMR formulas and they are as follows:

Adult men 66+ (6.3 times your body weight in pounds) + (12.9 times your height in inches) – (6.8 times your age).

Adult woman. 655 + (4.3 times your weight) + (4.7 inches your height) – (4.7 times your age over the years).

As an example, suppose you are a 40-year-old woman weighing 140 pounds and five feet in two. Replacing the corresponding numbers, we find that your BMR is 1360. For your calorie calories, we multiply 15.15 times the total calories you burn per day. Suppose 1900 your calories are therefore 285. Exercise Strength Determining exercise and body movement is a little more difficult, as it depends on how hard and how much time you have exercised during the day. Suppose you haven't worked out; in this case your investment is probably around 200 calories. And this gives you a huge 1845 calories.

If you have consumed 1900 calories per day, you have consumed more than 55 calories. It doesn't seem like much, but in two months (if you do it every day), you will get one pound, and you will get 6 pounds in a year. (I use the fact that there are 3500 calories per pound here.)

Let's do the same thing for a 40-year-old 40-year-old man. Subject to our BMR formula, we get 1793. In this case we will make 2600 calories. multiplying it by 0.15, giving it 390 for its calories. For exercise and body movement, suppose he is consuming 300 calories (this means he is not getting up during the day). His total weight is therefore 2483, and if he had consumed 2600 calories a day, he would have consumed 117 calories. This will add up to one pound weight every 30 days, and about 12 pounds per year.

It is easy to see that weight gain can slip on you if you are not careful. Even a few extra calories each day can increase weight gain during the year. The best way to balance your calories and calories is of course to weigh yourself every time, and if you find you are gradually losing weight, take steps to change as quickly as possible. You will have to either reduce calorie intake slightly or get more exercise. And I would like to emphasize that although exercise does not seem to contribute much to the total calories we consume per day, it can be very important. As I mentioned before, a good workout can consume 500 calories, and it can easily offset your excess.

The Role of Planet Jupiter in Vedic Astrology Good luck!

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter, also known as the Guru or Lord Brihaspati, is a really good friend in heaven. If placed favorably in the delivery chart, it is a very profitable and very positive planet. He is the manager of both the archer, the dog, and the ninth and twelfth houses. It is a very important planet for a woman as it determines her marriage and relationships with her husband. Its jewel is yellow sapphire, the color is yellow, the metal is gold, the direction is north-east, and the day is Thursday.

Jupiter is a planet of intellect, if this planet dominates your birth chart than you are a very quiet man with high ambitions and you enjoy the purity around you. It makes you a politician, minister, teacher or priest. Have you met a man who loves to travel long distances in search of some answers in his life, he is a Jupiter? Yes, it is a long journey planet and looking for answers. It makes you philosophical. However, the extreme birth of Jupiter can make you materialistic.

Astrologically, it is a planet associated with luck, luck and prosperity. Leisure time, all kinds of sports, hiking in the park are Jupiter's favorite pastimes. Jupiter also means yoga, astrology, honors, science and math.

Physically, it determines liver disease, jaundice, arthritis, swelling, tuberculosis, thighs, blood circulation, and fat. It is so large in fat that it is directly responsible for weight gain and laziness. Diabetes is a disease that is directly linked to this symptom.

It is a slow-moving planet. Jupiter takes about 12 years to move around the zodiac, which means it stays in one sign for a year.

Following the Vedic rituals is recommended to minimize the bad effects or increase the good effects of Jupiter.

  • On Thursday, wear and donate yellow clothing.

  • Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) is worn on the Index finger to get the most out of Jupiter.

  • If you have a budget; distribute sweets, yellow fruits on Thursday, donate Gold, beat bread with gram.

  • Distribute sweets on Thursday and donate gold or copper if the budget allows.

  • Worship Lord Shiva with yellow flowers and offer butter with Shiva Linga every day.

  • However, make sure you don't eat bananas on Thursday.

  • Welcome to the Jupiters Beej (Seed) Mantra using Quirky Quirk.

Secure Ways to Transfer Money to Russia

The combination of the word "Russian Mafia" is outdated. Russia is now ruled by oligarchs, who at one time managed to buy oil, gas, and so on cheaply. As you can see, this does not pose a danger to ordinary tourists, it is a matter of policy. And, in general, being in Russia now is no less and no less dangerous than in any European city.

But, as everywhere, tourists need to know some security measures, as they usually have a lot of money with them.

1. Cash.

You need to have enough cash to pay for a taxi, dinner and overnight hotel. Even if necessary

Meet and take you to the hotel where you have already booked a room. Because you can come up with different circumstances and you have to be prepared for it.

Attention: The newer your posts, the better. So choose them carefully before the trip. They should not have any ink or grease stains and small holes. They should not be worn or slightly torn. Such records can only be exchanged at the State Bank at a lower rate.

Foreign currency exchanges are large in number and everywhere. At train stations, airports, and hotels, the rate is always less profitable. If you can pay the driver in foreign currency, do it and exchange money in the city.

2. Credit cards.

It is very convenient to keep money on a plastic card. In this case you avoid the problem of pickpockets. However, you face the problem of securing money at your expense. The risk increases if you check your account online or use cash and enter your primary password. What should you do to save money?

– Before leaving, open a special travel card. Put the money you need for the trip there. This way you will not only save your basic money but also will not exceed your planned budget. :))

– It is better to open a credit card than a debit card. If you make a payment from your card without your knowledge, you will only be able to refund your credit card.

– Keep basic money on an account that has nothing to do with the internet. Check it only after returning to your home country.

– Always contact banking. Write them somewhere and don't rely on the information on your plastic card. If you lose your plastic card, you will lose all bank numbers.

By following these simple rules, you can protect yourself from computer thieves.

3. Sending money.

However, there is another original way to avoid cashboxes, customs and bases at railway stations. Just send money yourself through some Western Union money transfer system. To do this, transfer money on your behalf to the city where you plan to travel. You can make some transfers so that you do not have to spend a lot of money, but get it if needed. If you are planning a trip to several cities, you can make transfers on your behalf to each city. If some money is left unused, you can return it after returning to your home country.

4. Travel travel checks.

This method is widespread worldwide, but few banks in Russia have this service. For example, in Kazan there is only one bank (Ak Bars) that accepts travel inspections. So, not having them fully matched with travel checks, it is better to combine different ways.

Remember in Russia that you MUST NOT pay by checks or by any means other than rubles and plastic cards. You can pay dollars or euros to private individuals (such as a taxi driver) if they agree, but in all official locations this is forbidden.

Follow these simple rules for your trip and enjoy your time in Russia.

Camel Market In Giza – New "Highlight" Tourist Egypt Card:

Tired of pyramids and museums and looking for some exotic experience, tourists are discovering new amusement sites like the Gaza Strip market. The market is located in Burkash, a small picturesque place in the Nile Valley that is visited only by tourists traveling by them. Because it's hard to imagine a huge comfortable bus with air conditioning in a place where paved roads are still something new. However, the entrepreneurship administration does not waste time making money; Tourists have to pay at least to see the market because they don't buy camels.

The Burkash market is the largest camel market in the country. A little smaller area than Aswan is a thousand kilometers from Cairo. In time, no less than two thousand camels were introduced, mostly from neighboring countries. From Sudan alone, they produce more than three thousand camels a month.

Caravans with between 100 and 150 camels each go a long way along the Nile River, deep in Africa, to reach this market, not far from the Egyptian capital. This may be the reason that some camels are in good condition and need to be obese before selling. The rest of the "Successful Beggars" are brought to market by trucks.

Camel meat is a popular dish in Egypt because it is not as rich in fat as beef or lamb, but it contains a lot of protein.

Camels sold for competitions are more expensive than usual. Their price could reach over two thousand dollars, although they are not completely different from the usual. Although their meat is widespread, camels are still used as transport, especially in the desert, where they are valued for their durability and ability to withstand much water and food.

In Egypt, camels are not used in tribes, but they are attractive to tourists.

Price talks are so raging, one might think that the cost dispute could turn into a scuffle. Periodically, angry and offended, the salesman simply leaves to return a few minutes later and continues the dispute, seeking a compromise. Security claims that criminal cases are very rare here.

Usually, camels go gross, setting the price for everyone. Most clients are specialists, unique brokers who know how to get the price down. There is no scale, the weight of a certain camel meat is getting closer. The price of a camel varies from 1500 pounds (below $ 300) to nine thousand pounds (about $ 1.6,000).

Even if tourists do not buy camels, they can get a rough blanket and leave impressions. In one city you can taste camel milk, which is recommended to prevent and treat hepatitis, food allergies, etc.

Wear your curves with pride – You are a healthy beauty

I start my day by hitting the gym for intense workouts. I am on a strict diet, hoping to shed some weight. I swear I don't because my body doesn't impress me, but because it doesn't impress the public. Every day is a struggle. A neighbor, a relative and sometimes even a friend remind me that I have gained a lot of weight, forcing me to fight with my body.

I enjoy it. Of course not, and I'm sure that anyone who exercises or diet under pressure will not enjoy it.

I've been through a lot, I've heard people say something and look at me, but nothing bothered me right now. I'm glad I am "Fat woman" that I am, and if you are as skilful as me, you must be happy too. Stop blaming others for how you feel. Remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said. He said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." So, sorry for blasting the bubble girls, but not mocking you, you have degraded yourself and given yourself freedom by shaming you.

I understand and agree that it is "A thin and thin body" with "Perfect abs" has become new "Fashion", but that doesn't mean you have to conform to the norms set by society. Let people call you fat, curve, fuller, plus size, fat, shrimp or any other word that suits their taste. Workout is good if you want to, but don't starve yourself, as someone else told you. Give yourself the attitude you love. It's best to mix cheese with some fried pizza, and if you like, chocolate, or if you like it, you can just enjoy a little juice. Remember the life you lead is your own, and no one has the right to judge you based on your size, your clothes, your clothes, and your food. Relax.

As for me, I still have a lot to learn. It took me several years to accept mine "Fat body" and understand that there is no definition of a perfect body. Whether I'm fat or lean people, they will always find their reasons for calling me.

A kind of negative spin around plus size doesn't annoy me. I'm a self-confessed believer, my size doesn't bother me anymore. For people who are more sympathetic to me, I would like to say: "I am not interested: Stop wasting your time here. ”

Believe me when I say that you feel extremely confident and comfortable if you learn to proudly wear your curves. Remember that you are a healthy beautiful woman and no one can take it from you.